Kaitlyn Smith

Owner of Talking Through Mirrors Yoga

Kaitlyn Smith is a Yoga Practitioner and a Yoga Teacher. She teachers from the methods of Ashtanga, Hatha and Iyengar. she has had the privilege of traveling to India to complete her 200hr at the school of Himalaya Valley Yoga Centre in Goa with her teacher Mollie Cox. Kaitlyn started her Yoga journey at the age of 17. Yoga played a massive role of helping Kaitlyn and she found that Yoga had a significant positive effected in her day to day life. She now uses Yoga as a tool to help navigate daily life experiences whilst sharing the ancient practice with others.
She has completed her 200YTT in Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga in the roots of India long side with her teachers and is now undergoing Jala Yoga 350hr trauma educated and evidence based teacher training with her Teacher Mollie Cox on the Gold Coast.

Kaitlyn as had the pleasure of running private & small group Yoga class in a Barber Shop, been a Facilitator at local Women’s Retreats, help create Yin to the Yan with Martial Art practitioners and is now teaching general spectrum classes to the public whilst running private 1:1 & small group Yoga classes for the Hair Industry. However, this doesn’t stop her from making Yoga accessible to every being that walks through the door and into her classes.

Offering a non-judgmental space for you to drop into, so you can get curious of how Yoga feels for your body & mind complex.

Kaitlyn focuses on bringing the therapeutic benefits of Yoga into her classes, from Meditation, Pranayama (Breath Techniques) to fundamental Yoga Asanas (Postures) that can be used as tools to down regulate the nervous system and build a solid foundation for your Yoga practice.

Her classes will help you feel a sense of calmness within the mind whilst feeling grounded within the body


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Learn how Yoga can help navigate you through the daily life of a Barber/Hairdresser.


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