About Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn Smith

Owner of Talking Through Mirrors Yoga

Kaitlyn Smith is a Yoga Practitioner and a Yoga Teacher. She teachers from the methods of Ashtanga, Hatha and Iyengar. Kaitlyn has had the privilege of traveling to India to complete her 200hr at the school of Himalaya Valley Yoga Centre in Goa with her teacher Mollie Cox. started her Yoga journey at the age of 17 and started practicing Ashtanga at the age of 19. Yoga played a massive role in Kaitlyn’s healing process from complex PSTD and Anxiety.

Kaitlyn Believes that Yoga is accessible to everyone and there is a million ways to teach Yoga, She is currently completing her 350 hours of evidence based and trauma informed Yoga training with Jala Yoga, to broaden her knowledge so she is able to meet everyone wherever they are at in their own practice and hold space for each individual.

Kaitlyn’s classes will help you feel a sense of calmness within the mind whilst feeling grounded within the body.

Juan London

Kaitlyn is based on the Gold Coast and Offers a non-judgmental space for you to drop into, so you can get curious of how yoga feels for your body and mind complex. She teachers in a more private 1:1 and small group class setting and also specialises in yoga for the Hair industry, as she has an extended background in the Hair industry and can see a gap where Yoga can be at service.

She had the privilege of running private & small group Yoga class in a Barber Shop, been a Facilitator at local Women’s Retreats, help create Yin to the Yan with Martial Art practitioners and teachers full spectrum yoga classes to the public in local studios

Kaitlyn as a passion for making Yoga accessible to everyone and loves being able to teach everyone that through the door and into her classes.

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